You’ll Never Believe Such Flower Containers Can Be Created

Wow! Snail shells can be used to put some decorative flowers in it. Photo: Credit

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Decorative stone walls in kitchen and dining room

Decorative Stone: A Stylish Accent for Striking Design

Naturally, nature-oriented house is with interior décor elements made of natural materials, such as wood and stone. The striving to return to natural values ​​has lead to more frequent use of stone as a strong accent in decorative solutions. Decorative stone offers an array of possibilities for striking decoration of the kitchen; however, approach the […]

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Bathroom with big clear windows and green plants outside

Bathroom Inspired by nature

Bathroom inspired by nature does not necessarily mean it will be boring, just on the contrary. Natural materials and colors give us the freedom to romp with forms and accessories. Brown, usually used as a background, is a versatile color that always adds warmth to the space. Bathroom with big windows is very rare, but […]

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Living room with fresh colored walls and furniture

Colors of Nature: An Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration in Home Décor

In the age of high tech, we are increasingly turning to nature as it has a special influence on us, humans. The theme of the relationship between environment and interior décor is not only actual, but becomes a fashion trend. Sky, earth, water, and the rest of the animate nature make us feel recharged, peaceful, […]

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