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Fireplace cover – Make Your Fireplace Complete and Safe

Fireplace cover and protective screen or mesh are key element that will make your fireplace complete. When you choose fireplace it is good to consider maximum safety for all house inhabitants – small kids or pets.The magic of burning fire can attract attention of your guests and will create exquisite atmosphere, but is it safe enough? Fireplace cover is required to protect from sparks accidentally blasted out from the fire. I have personally suffered burnt carpet from my fireplace, because the cover was not placed immediately after the fire was started.

Besides the obvious safety, the fireplace cover or mesh is a piece of decoration which can easily be replaced if we are not satisfied. Well decorated fireplace meshes are a piece of art and could cause real admiration by your guests. It is wise to choose beautiful fireplace cover, but also the one that will give your home maximum security. When investing in protective screen or pleasant hearth think as it is an insurance against accidents. There are plenty of cheap options, but they have also some downsides.

Fireplace cover from wrought iron

What do you need to install fireplace cover?

  1.         It seems stupid to tell you that, but the one thing that you need is: Fireplace. You can install fireplace cover and fireplace mesh on all kinds of fireplaces. There are a lot of different shapes and sizes and you should take some dimensions before ordering fireplace doors or covers. It’s good to considet enough space in front of the fireplace as you will need it to place the cover. Be aware that the space between the fireplace and the fireplace cover is not protected and the floor should be covered with some non flammable  material. Usually this can be some nice metal sheet or ceramic tiles.
  2.        You don’t need any professional skills or specific tools to install fireplace cover. Protective screens, pleasant hearths and glass doors available on the market are ready to be installed right out of the box. You can even buy a free standing fireplace screen – just put it in front of the fireplce. Check out this video to see how easy is to install the cover.
  3. Desire to make your home more appealing, safe and warm.


The philosophy of interior design lays on the perception for every detail, even the smallest one, as the small things can lead to huge changes in the mood and atmosphere in your home. They can harmonize the whole design, but often this is not evaluated properly and the final result is not the one we expected.

That’s why every interior project is a challenge in which we encourage you to entangle beauty, aesthetic and uniqueness.

Ultimate Fireplace Cover and Screen Comparison Guide and Key

Fireplace Covers
Pros +
Cons -
Pleasant Hearth AN-1012 Alpine Fireplace Glass Door, Black, Large

Mesh+GlassFree standing$$4.8Different Sizes
Easy to install
Sometimes glass can't resist the top heat
Panacea Three Panel Oak Leaf Firescreen, Colonial Brown

Steel meshFree standing$4.7Price
Easy to install
No sizes
Leaf decoration is low quality
Pleasant Hearth FN-5700 Fenwick Fireplace Glass Door, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Small

GlassHinges and magnets$$$4.6Beautiful
Panacea Products Corp 3Panel Fireplacescreen 15951 Fireplace Enclosures & Screens

Steel meshFree standing$4.6Price
Easy to install
Clean design
Looks simple and cheap

Steel meshFree standing$4.6Price
Easy to install
Additional protection
Dale Tiffany FS0111 50-Inch by 34-Inch Multicolored Anemone Fireplace Screen With Art Glass Shade

Art GlassFree standing$$$NoDesign
Uniflame Single Panel Curved Black Wrought Iron Screen

Steel meshFree standing$3.0Simple
Minuteman International SSB-01 Birds Summer Screen

Steel rodsFree standind$NoEasy to install
No protection
Pleasant Hearth GR-7202 Grandoir Fireplace Glass Door, Antique Brass, Large


There is endless variety of Fireplace screensso check them out.

Use beautifully decorated fireplace cover to enhace the decor

Decorative fireplace covers and doors are one of the few elements in a heating system which we can notice in our everyday tasks. The quality, durability and design are important to complete your idea and vision about the interior.

Meshes made from wrought iron and with complex floral elements attached to a modern or rococo genre could impress your vision and style. All wrought iron products are beautiful and could be taken as a piece of art.

Fireplace cover with floral elements

 From ancient times fireplace is the center of the house. Life and activity were situated near the warmth of the fireplace. Fire is exciting and stimulates our concentration. The fire dance could be even hypnotizing.

You can stop for a moment and relax from the fast paced daily life or you can take vital decisions or discuss projects with your business partners or relatives. Fireplace keeps its importance in our modern life.

Fireplace is also a spiritual place and symbol of wealth and success.

Fireplace is known to be guarded by good spirits and home guards. In the modern design these mystic creatures and legends could be kept in the fireplace by the fireplace glass doors or fireplace cover.

Heat resistant glass door for fireplace

These covers are heat resistant and can protect you and your family.

Recently the fireplace openings are covered or partially covered with heat resistant glasses or decorative meshes, which allows us to view the flames, but protect the interior from sparks and small charcoals.

Fireplace covers could be sided out or completely opened, so that the fire is at its full beauty like in ordinary fireplace. Be sure to get fireplace cover or mesh in order to keep safe and protected against risk of fire.

The decoration and design of the fireplace is very important and can be a doorway to a lot of possibilities. Pay attention to the fireplace cover decoration as it is the biggest visible part.

By the fireplace the whole family gathers together, singing songs and stories are been told – drinking is also a perfect combination with the warmth of fire. In such emotional moment there is one thing that keeps us safe – fireplace cover! It keeps us from accidentally starting a fire and ruining the romantic moment.

On the other hand, when the fireplace is not lit and cold, and only the black charcoals remains in it, there are memories about the last party or pleasant moments – the fireplace cover will make the fireplace look perfectly fit and beautiful closing the cold abyss of the fireplace.

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